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I’m excited to help you solve your challenges in the following fields, regardless if you are a startup, a corporate or a non-profit organization.
  • Idea Generation & Evaluation

    I’ll show you how you can reliably generate and refine ideas for new products, services, business models and innovation projects and evaluate their potential. Let’s get creative!

  • Value Proposition Design

    I’ll help you explore what jobs your customers and clients need to get done and how you design your value proposition so that it best addresses their needs.

  • Business Model Design

    Using proven business design methods, we’ll develop innovative new business models for your organization and make sure that they are defensible against competition.

  • Innovation Management

    Let’s work on aligning your organization’s innovation strategy, its innovation processes, and its culture and organizational structure to create a roaring innovation engine.

  • Agile Organization & Culture

    Let’s make sure that your organization is set up in a way and promotes a culture that fosters individual and team ownership, a free exchange of ideas, and implementation speed.

  • Orthogonal Thinking

    Enable your organization to come up with non-obvious solutions for the problems you are trying to solve and don’t even consider the proverbial box.

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